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Thrift store for art supplies also tries to protect the environment – CBS Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) – Art supplies at an affordable price and help protect the environment.

Morning Insider Jim Williams tells of a store that has just opened its second location in the Chicago area and has been welcomed by artists and teachers alike.

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What we may see as garbage ready to be dragged away, Eleanor Ray sees as a world full of creative possibilities.

Craft felt that was once discarded is now part of a work of art – Eleanor’s own creation – that hangs in her shop called The WasteShed.

“We’re a thrift store for art supplies, school supplies, all kinds of creative materials,” she said. “Clay and easels and craft paint, nicer paint, printing material.”

Art supplies – many of them recycled and reused – for a fraction of what you would spend at retail.

“We make the connection between materials that are just lying around and not used and people who use them to do good,” Eleanor said.

This Evanston store didn’t open until the weekend. It is the second WasteShed location. Eleanors Humboldt Park Shop has been around for seven years.

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Artist Hahn Ray – no relationship with Eleanor – once a customer, is now an employee at WasteShed.

“An oasis of painting utensils and creative reuse was something really big for me,” says Hahn.

Part of the store is free for all educators. Eleanor points out that elementary and high school teachers often spend their money out of pocket, and that can be very expensive.

“The average teacher spends $ 500 a year out of pocket on materials. So we try to help them make up for these costs; and also find unusual, interesting and unique materials that they may not be able to get in other places, ”Eleanor said.

It is a combination of art and nature conservation.

“It’s very enjoyable. The community we built up in Humboldt Park was absolutely great, ”said Eleanor. “And we’re really looking forward to building a similar community in Evanston.”

A full list of the materials you can donate can be found on their website.

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If you’re interested in donating, send an email to [email protected] with the location you’d like to donate, a list of the items you’d like to donate, and some pictures (if possible) to help WaterShed to give a better idea an idea of ​​what they need space for.

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