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Napleton Mazda of Naperville aiming for eyes with 20-foot-tall sign along Aurora Avenue

Napleton Mazda, based in Naperville, is looking to attract attention with the installation of a 20-foot monolith-style sign along Aurora Avenue, crowning a major dealership redesign.

The new sign, proposed during a presentation by Lauren Napleton to the city’s planning and development commission, was unanimously recommended at the meeting on Wednesday. It’s going to an upcoming city council meeting for final approval.

The commission recommended a derogation because the height of the sign is twice the 10-foot limit imposed by the city. Lauren Napleton defended the height of the shield relative to its surroundings on the north side of Aurora Avenue between Fort Hill Drive and Ogden Avenue.

“Our current sign is 21 feet so this is actually going to be a decrease in size,” she said. “We think it coincides with the other dealerships on Aurora Avenue.”

The current bright sign along Aurora Avenue has two posts that support its 21-foot height. The proposed monolith-style floor sign is mainly black and rectangular with no posts.

Napleton featured images of surrounding car dealerships with monoliths and two-post signs that are between 5 and 20 feet high. Naperville City officials confirmed that the new Mazda sign would be far enough from Aurora Avenue not to cause visibility problems.

The new sign is part of a remodeling project at the dealership that began in September. The showroom and service department remained open during the ongoing construction work.

“We think it will give our current shield a fresh look,” said Napleton.

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