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Edward Hospital President and CEO Addresses Latest COVID-19 Surge

The recent surge in COVID-19 cases is pushing health care workers at Edward Hospital in Naperville to experience a little déjà vu as the community stands as it tackles the pandemic.

Edward Hospital President and CEO Joe Dant says people who are not vaccinated carry most of the shock the virus causes.

Joe Dant, President and CEO of Edward Hospital, said, “Their severity and disease levels are similar to some of the past climbs. So these patients are again quite acutely ill. Your need for oxygen is higher. Usually these are the patients who, when we have patients in the intensive care unit, are usually that group of patients who are completely unvaccinated. “

COVID-19 metrics

At the time of this recording, the number of patients with COVID-19 has fluctuated daily for the past 11 days from a low of 113 to a high of 123. This number includes anyone, including pediatric patients, who happen to test positive while they are in the hospital attend for an unrelated achievement, and regardless of whether they are asymptomatic or not. A majority of inpatients with confirmed COVID-19 cases are in hospital because of COVID-19, according to a hospital spokesman.

Dant says something has to give way. “It cost two accounts. First, it’s daunting and daunting that we have other waves that get us back up when we think we’re clear about it and the numbers are going down, and this time around, Omicron is certainly a part of it. But we also think that maybe people are just tired. And in general, we may all be fed up with some of the limitations. Our employees feel that. “

Healthcare workers are also not immune to the Omicron variant of COVID-19.

Says Dant, “One of the things that are more difficult is that we just have more employees who are sick with either something seasonal or with COVID or exposure to COVID. That only makes the stress of staffing even more difficult. “

Recruiting challenges

At the same time, staffing is at risk from early retirement, fluctuation and burnout. With the recent surge, Edward Hospital’s management has paused certain services such as elective inpatient surgeries to free up staff to care for COVID-19 patients.

Dant hopes that the work of health workers will not be in vain as the pandemic worsens. “The same people who were called heroes at the start of this pandemic are the same people who are still fighting here, every day. We need the support of our communities, our patients, our families. “

Megann Horstead reported from Naperville News 17.

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