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The Matrix Club plans to open in April

NAPERVILLE – The team behind The Matrix Club, a events, banquet and entertainment venue in Naperville, has announced it will open at 808 S. Route 59 in April.

Plans to revive the closed Sam’s Club call for the creation of a 1,200-seat banquet hall; The Matrix Room, an international fusion restaurant with 220 seats, a bar and a music lounge; the Dhrishti Center of Performing Arts with 200 seats; Yoga and dance studios; the Dhrishti Art Gallery; the Matrix Sound Lab, a recording studio; and a sports facility. The development proposal was submitted to the city and announced in March.

“We are providing an international hub to an already multicultural area, a place to support global art, celebrate diverse cultures within the community, and collaborate with artists of all kinds,” said Cherryl Marcey, Matrix Club Sales and Events Director. “We can’t wait to be an integral part of Naperville’s event and entertainment venues.”

The menus are created by Michelin-starred chef Yanni Sanchez, who brings her culinary expertise and training from France, Mexico, North America and South Asia.

“I look forward to taking off and being part of a new concept with all of the challenges and rewards that a global venue brings,” she said.

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