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Ex-Cook County Correctional Officer Against State Prostitution Investigation

A former Cook County correctional officer was under investigation for allegedly allowing prostitution in his suburban home. take a portion of the proceeds and even give a woman his badge for use on “dates” with customers, federal court records show.

A 24-page affidavit written by an FBI special agent and received by the Chicago Sun-Times claims that “at least three women” lived in the officer’s home in Crestwood and used it for sex work in 2019 and 2020, and helped the women also reportedly to make arrangements and meet with customers elsewhere.

The Chicago Sun-Times did not name the officer, as records show that the investigation did not lead to charges against him. He could not be reached for comment. The affidavit indicates that the investigation into the officer’s activities began in October 2020.

A law enforcement source said the Cook County Sheriff’s Office opened an internal investigation last year after learning the officer may have been involved in illegal activities. She also referred the case to federal agencies, according to the source.

The FBI and the US Attorney’s Office declined to comment. A Cook County Sheriff’s spokesman confirmed that a person named the officer was employed there as a correctional officer from March 1999 until he resigned in May last year. The speaker did not want to comment further.

The Sun-Times received the affidavit while it was publicly available on U.S. District Court files. The document is now sealed. It was filed in March by prosecutors asking for permission to search two Facebook accounts. Prosecutors told a judge last month that the affidavit referred to an “ongoing grand jury investigation.”

The affidavit claims that the officer hid in the laundry room during some “women’s dates”, but would leave the house if they lasted longer. When the women arranged to meet a customer elsewhere, he supposedly helped with the transport.

The officer sometimes posted ads on skipthegames.com and other websites, including one targeting “high ballers,” who the document said would pay $ 500 to $ 600 an hour. He is also said to have arranged meetings with customers at a hotel in Bloomington, more than 100 miles southwest of Crestwood.

In particular, the affidavit alleges that the officer gave his badge to one of the women to use. This woman is only identified as “Person B” in the document.

The FBI agent wrote that “Person B would retire after reaching an agreement with a client to have sex for money”. [the officer’s] and tell the customer that she was a police informant. The customer would get scared and leave. “

Although it is alleged that the officer generally took half the money the women made from meeting clients, the document states that some women would also make arrangements with clients while the officer was sleeping or at work was.

That way, you wouldn’t have to share the money with him.

The document also contains excerpts from alleged Facebook Messenger chats between the officer and a woman in 2019 and 2020. In one chat, the officer appeared to have agreed to drive the woman to a customer after doing the same thing for another person had done.

In a separate chat, he seemed to have told the woman that he couldn’t take her with him and said, “I’m sorry, I can’t set up a few licks g.”

When the woman complained in another chat about not having clothes, the officer allegedly wrote, “Sh-, you still look good, but after work we can get you an outfit or two until you hit a leak. “

Finally the woman asked in a chat If she posted an ad online, will he be able to “drive or you will be too tired”?

The officer replied, “I have you,” according to the affidavit.

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