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Broncs devil Evanston, 42-7 | Jackson Hole radio

Friday was another step in the maturation of the Jackson Broncs 2021 as the team in 2nd place on 3A ran a very business-like game plan in throttling the Evanston Red Devils (42-7).

On a rough night with intermittent rain showers and sloppy grassland, Jackson relied more than usual on the ground game, and did so in a systematic way. Long-lasting drives weren’t interrupted by the typical chunk plays that the Broncs are used to. Rather, Jackson slowly and methodically moved the sticks behind an offensive line that simply dominated the muddy trenches at Kay Fackrell Stadium.

Insult was methodical

Credit Evanston for not giving up the big game all night, but a steady diet from Brody Hasenack was too much for the Red Devil’s defense. Hasenack finished the night with an expert 116 yards on 21 carries. His 2 rushing touchdowns both came from 2 yards.

Sam Scott also took the running game into account when playing sideways at the end. He took up 70 yards on 6 rushes. He also caught a pass for 5 yards.

Sadler Smith called his own number a couple of times – either when coverage was good downfield or on designed quarterback draws. Smith won 84 yards with his legs on 14 carries, including a touchdown run.

The Broncs also went to their patented inside shuttle to Clancy Meagher. The all-purpose back put up 35 yards and 2 TDs on 4 of these inner fields.

Colter Dawson had a quiet night, but the weather and the extra attention from the Red Devils defenders had something to do with it. The hulking tighter managed to pull 2 ​​passes down for 18 yards.

Smith found Nate Keipert twice in beautifully executed play-action passes. Overall, Keipert finished with 3 catches for 85 yards and a TD.

No rush zone

It was a lost cause for Evanston from the start – a team that plays the ball 80% of the time. The Red Devils couldn’t move the ball on the ground against Jackson. Neither team was able to do this, and it quickly became a signature of head coach David Joyce.

Again and again the line of defense either fended off their blocks or held their position until linebackers could join the party.

Red Devil RB Carsen Knight found little wiggle room between the tackles. QB Jaxson Moore splashed free once but was tracked down just short of the end zone before the end of half. Fast WR Kai Barker scored Evanston’s only touchdown in a 75-yard run to the right.

Aside from these highlights, it was a long cold night for the home team.

Next up

With the win, Jackson improved to 6-1 in the season, 3-0 in the conference. The Broncs are likely to keep second place in the WyoPrep trainer survey. All teams serve in the 3A instead of on Friday.

Cody defeated Star Valley at home after three touchdowns in the fourth quarter. This broke a 3-3 draw that lasted for the first 36 minutes of the game. Codys 22: 3 win will keep them at the top of the table. Elsewhere, Powell took Green River 48-0.

Jackson returns home on Friday to host the Powell Panthers. The game is scheduled for 5 p.m.

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