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Evanston police warn of fake traffic ticket scam – Chicago Tribune

Fake traffic tickets have been sent via email to some Evanston residents, prompting police to warn motorists that they could be scammed.

“The Evanston Police Department is warning the public about a traffic camera ticket scam,” the department said in a release Monday.

It said several citizens have reported receiving emails notifying them they have been issued a “Moving Violation Recorded by Traffic Camera.” The email says the violation was recorded by a traffic camera in Evanston.

“The City of Evanston does not have any traffic cameras,” the release says. “If a citizen receives an email claiming a traffic camera violation within the City of Evanston, the email is fraudulent. Do not respond or attempt to pay the citation, it is a scam with the likely goal of committing identity theft.”

Brian L. Cox is a freelance reporter with Pioneer Press.

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