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Evanston COVID-19 Positivity Rate Decreases, New Positive Cases Increase

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While the city’s moving average positivity rate has declined after peaking on Monday – more than 10% – more positive cases have been observed this week. The IDPH has also updated its quarantine and isolation guidelines, announcing the availability of two COVID-19 antiviral drugs in the state by the end of the month.

While Evanston had more cases overall this week than last week, the average COVID-19 positivity rate per day has been declining for the past seven days.

In the past seven days, the city recorded 663 new positive cases – a slight increase compared to the 618 cases last week. For the past seven days, an average of 95 positive cases per day were reported, with the average positivity rate over the same period being 6.89%, compared with 8.12% for the previous week. The moving average positivity rate peaked last month at more than 10% on Monday, but has been falling since then.

By comparison, the average 7-day test-positive rate in Illinois is 18.6%.

As of Thursday, 93.8% of Evanston residents ages 5 and over had received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, with 84.4% of that population being fully vaccinated.

Across Illinois, 77.3% of people age 5 and older have received at least one dose, and 68.6% are fully vaccinated. In Cook County, these percentages are 74.49% and 67.27%, respectively.

After the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provided guidelines for a possible early release from isolation, the Illinois Department of Public Health updated its quarantine and isolation policy as of December 30th.

Individuals who test positive regardless of vaccination status can end isolation five days after the test result if they are asymptomatic or if no fever occurred 24 hours before the fifth day.

Anyone identified as having close contact with someone who has tested positive does not need to be quarantined once they have completed their primary immunization and, if necessary, received a booster vaccination. Otherwise, the person should be quarantined for five days. Regardless of vaccination status, if symptoms occur, the person should be immediately quarantined until a negative test result is obtained.

Starting Monday, Evanston will be dining, fitness and entertainment facilities necessary Ask people aged 5 and over for proof of vaccination.

Residents under the age of 18 can be exempted from the obligation if they participate in sports or leisure activities in facilities that do not offer food and drink continuously.

The IDPH also announced that two COVID-19 antiviral drugs, paxlovid. from Pfizer and Merck’s molnupiravir will be available in Illinois by the end of January to those who test positive for COVID-19 and who are at high risk of hospitalization or death.

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