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What happened to Mouse on Chicago PD?

Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) has a complicated past. His time with the 75th Ranger Regiment comes up again and again in cases in the Chicago PD, and each time offers a little more insight into his character and behavior. One of the most notable links to the past, however, is his bond with fellow Ranger Greg “Mouse” Gerwitz.

Halstead and Mouse have worked on a handful of cases in the show’s history, with the former even helping him get a job as an intelligence technician. Given the significant role Mouse plays in Halstead’s life, it may be surprising to hear that the character has been MIA since season 4.

What happened to the mouse? Will he return? Here’s a rundown of the character’s backstory and his future at Chicago PD.

Did Mouse Die on the Chicago Police Department?

Mouse (Samuel Hunt) was first introduced as a CI or informant in Season 1. He became a bigger presence on the show starting with season 3 when his technical job allowed him to interact more freely with Halstead and the rest of the IU. He proved to be an invaluable resource for the team, but things started to splinter when he told Halstead he was considering returning to the Rangers.

Halstead responded negatively to the news, reminding Mouse of the psychological toll the service was taking on both of them. The warnings couldn’t ward off Mouse’s request, however, and in the season four episode “A War Zone” he announced that he would accept an offer from his old unit. Halstead then attacked Mouse and had to be separated from Lindsay (Sophia Bush).

Mouse quit his tech job and rejoined the unit he currently serves. The character has not been mentioned since leaving, suggesting Halstead still has hostilities over how things ended between them.

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Hunt hasn’t appeared in the One Chicago universe since 2016, but the actor has managed to stay busy on television elsewhere. He made guest appearances on Empire and NCIS: New Orleans and starred as Adam on the latest season of American Horror Story, Double Feature.

While showrunners like that hold the door open for the characters to return, we don’t expect to see Hunt’s character anytime soon. There’s a sense of finality with his bow, and given the full record Halstead is currently dealing with, we’d say mending a broken friendship is something at the bottom of his list. At least for now.

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