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Surprise Drive-By for Naperville Teen Who Went Into Cardiac Arrest

A surprise drive-by celebration was held today for a Naperville teenager after suffering a sudden cardiac arrest.

What happened?

On August 28, Riley McDonald’s family received a call that he was in the emergency room. The “physically fit, completely healthy 18-year-old boy” was in college with his roommates and friends when his heart stopped, according to a press release. A friend, a former student, reanimated him and took him to the hospital. In the hospital he was “constantly on” and was in a medically-induced coma for several days.

His medical team still doesn’t know why his heart stopped and the prognoses kept changing. McDonald was reportedly medically dead for several minutes.

Surprise drive-by

McDonald was able to return to his Naperville home on October 6th. Then his sister Dayna decided to organize a surprising drive-by party. Today around 50 cars including his family, the Naperville Police and Naperville Fire Department, friends and even strangers came to celebrate his homecoming. Cars honked, people waved, and some brought their signs to show their support to the family.

Aysha Ashley Househ reported on Naperville News 17.

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