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Parents Sues Wisconsin School District After Child Signs COVID-19 Contracts – NBC Chicago

A parent sued a school district in southeast Wisconsin after their son contracted COVID-19 from a classmate.

Shannon Jensen filed the lawsuit in federal court against the Waukesha School District and School Board on October 5th. Jensen is seeking an injunction from the county to comply with COVID-19 guidelines from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

According to the lawsuit, in May the board lifted student masks and other measures to contain COVID-19.

A classmate of Jensen’s son came to school in September with symptoms and was not wearing a mask. Jensen’s son sat next to the sick schoolgirl and wore a mask, but got infected anyway. Jensen’s other two sons later tested positive as well.

School council president Joseph Como declined to comment on the lawsuit.

Minocqua Brewing Company Super PAC is funding the lawsuit.

The brewery is owned by Kirk Bangstad, who has expressed frustration over how former President Donald Trump’s administration has responded to the pandemic. He ran unsuccessfully against incumbent Republican state representative Rob Swearingen last year.

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