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Wis. Police dog who shot the murder suspect in Chicago was hailed as a “hero” – NBC Chicago

A police dog who was bullet while arresting a suspect believed to be linked to multiple murders in Chicago is hailed as a “hero”.

Police in southeast Wisconsin said they were tracking a man who was driving a Chicago murder victim’s vehicle and when the gunman escaped they forwarded their K-9, Riggs, to him.

According to the Kenosha County authorities, the incident occurred around 11:16 a.m. in the village of Bristol.

Officials say the stolen vehicle, allegedly involved in a murder in the city of Chicago, was at a service station in Bristol and MPs were trying to conduct a “high-risk traffic stop”.

The suspect escaped from the vehicle on foot and Riggs was deployed.

“Riggs was released and arrested the suspect before hitting Highway 50 while the suspect was still holding the gun,” said Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth. “And Riggs brought the suspect to the ground.”

Riggs was shot dead during the fight and the officers who responded then shot the suspect several times.

Riggs suffered a gunshot wound to his forehead and had surgery at an emergency animal hospital in Illinois, Beth said.

The suspect was shot in the abdomen and leg and taken to a nearby hospital for treatment for his injuries. There is no official word on the suspect’s condition or the condition of the K-9 dog.

Beth said district police had been alerted by Chicago authorities that an alleged murder suspect was nearby and was driving one of the murdered victim’s vehicles.

Although it remains unclear whether the man shot by authorities is the same suspect, police say the armed man they shot was driving the vehicle they were looking for.

Riggs was commended for stopping the suspect before another incident could have happened.

“In many ways, he’s a hero today because he got the suspect at least initially, kept him from running on Highway 50 – a felon with a handgun and who knows what the felon would have done, who knows if he went up there and tried to kidnap someone at gunpoint, “said Beth. “In my world, Riggs is a hero and may have saved someone from getting hurt today.”

Riggs has been with the department for several years. Beth said Riggs’ handler was “very emotional”.

Officials are still investigating and the Racine County Sheriff’s Department will investigate the use of force, according to the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department.

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