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Nikola Jokic’s absence proves problematic: Chicago Bulls go to Denver and cut off the nuggets

The Chicago Bulls won their eleventh game of the season against the Nuggets 114-108 on Friday night in Denver.

The Nuggets played without their best player in 2021, MVP Nikola Jokic, who was out with a wrist injury, and fell back to 9-7 that season.

Having missed the playoffs every year since the 2017 season, the Bulls are a nice surprise as one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference standings.

Lonzo Ball, Alex Caruso and DeMar DeRozan have proven to be massive additions to the roster to support All-Star Zach LaVine.

In the game, Ball had seven points, three rebounds and six assists, DeRozan had 26 points, six rebounds and four assists, and LaVine had 36 points, five rebounds and four assists.

The nuggets were led by Aaron Gordon who had 28 points, nine rebounds and four assists.

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