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Look what’s open between Jackson and Jefferson avenues… Main Street

Construction along Main Street between Jackson Avenue and Jefferson Avenue in Downtown Naperville is beginning to wrap up.

Main Street is now open and workers will venture over to Jefferson Avenue to stage the beginning of the next reconstruction phase that aims to improve pedestrian mobility, accessibility and safety in this area. Watch for signs directing new detours.

The Downtown Streetscape Project will include complete road reconstruction, streetscape work and utility and pavement upgrades for Jefferson Avenue between Main and Webster Streets along with Main Street between Jackson and Jefferson Avenues.

Next up for a Street Scape Rehab is Jefferson Avenue between Main and Webster Streets. (PN Photo May 25, 2022)

The project is expected to be completed by Labor Day 2022.

Shops and restaurants have remained accessible and open for business throughout the improvements to the streetscape.

And all downtown Naperville merchants are looking forward to what is to come in Fall 2022!

Watch for the summer sculptures to roll into town soon

Meanwhile, folks in downtown Naperville are gearing for the arrival of the 2022 summer sculptures in the shape of a pickup truck. With wit and whimsy, the charming display soon will dot the landscape as a showcase of local lore and other stories by imaginative artists.

Local artist Marianne Lisson Kuhn has added her brushstrokes to three of the outdoor sculptures that will soon be among the many attractions to downtown Naperville. (Photo by Kuhner)

Last week all the painted trucks were picked up and taken for a seal coat. Soon they’re be “Cruisin’ in for Summer” throughout downtown.

With fond memories of summer sculpture displays of sailboats, balls, dogs and more, this year’s designs are sure to pick up spirits as the downtown destination finishes up its first phase of streetscapes.

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