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Latest Evanston News: Your Daily Review

Good morning, Evanston.

With the end of the eviction moratorium in Illinois on October 3rd, A member of the Evanston City Council is urging the city to be given early notice of possible evictions the resident of Evanston and share this information with tenants who may need to vacate their buildings.

The comments from Fifth District Councilor Bobby Burns came during a discussion on gentrification and displacement. He and Mayor Daniel Biss had submitted a proposal to the city council’s personnel committee to set up a sub-committee to deal with these larger problems.

At the Human Services Committee meeting on October 4, Burns said he could see the members of the Human Services Committee work with the yet-to-be-formed subcommittee “to determine how we can prepare for the number of evictions we consider in my opinion ”. the next weeks.”

COVID-19 data updated on October 7th, shows six new COVID cases in Evanston today, compared with 11 yesterday and 20 on Tuesday.

The numbers are higher than a week ago. There have been a total of 84 new COVID-19 cases among Evanston residents in the past seven days, compared to 71 in the previous seven days. 16,500 COVID-19 tests were carried out in the past week. The city said there was an increase in reported tests this week due to testing from Northwestern University and delays in lab reporting.

The positivity rate for 7-day tests is 0.5% today, compared to 1.2% a week ago.

The Evanston Public Library apologized to the Evanston community for using racist images on a display designed to promote an upcoming program, “Police Reform: Progress and Pitfalls, A Mini-Course Offered by the NU Emeriti Organization and EPL” on November 2nd.

“We acknowledge the damage this image has done to our community, especially for those who identify as black, indigenous or POC. The library strives to identify, understand and correct our injustices, past and present, and to develop anti-racist policies and procedures that promote justice, ”the apology reads.

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