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June 28, 2022 Primary Election – Unofficial List of Candidates

Get to know all candidates before heading to the Primary Election on Tues., June 28, 2022

This unofficial list of candidates running to serve Naperville in DuPage County, Will County, Springfield and Washington, DC, may be incomplete. Any omissions or misspellings are regretted.

Incumbents are not identified in the hope voters will seek information on all candidates before heading to the Primary to elect a chosen party’s candidates for the General Election on Tues., Nov. 8.

Illinois is an open primary state, which means that voters are not required to register with a party to participate.

Though early voting is in process at the DuPage County Fairgrounds in Wheaton and the County Clerk’s Office in Joliet, beginning June 13, many local sites will be open for in-person early voting.

Election Day hours are 6AM to 7PM Tues., June 28.

Elected offices included are for County Board, State Legislature, State Senate, US Senate and US Congress. Again, incumbents are not identified as such. Kindly get to know all candidates who serve as elected officials currently. Review, contrast and compare candidates’ campaign information received in the mail. Search for candidate websites online. Talk to friends, family and neighbors. Talk with candidates and campaign volunteers who might be canvassing your neighborhood. Attend meet and greet events.

Registered voters will consider all those choices on the ballot. To us, liberty, justice and patriotism matters. Independent thinkers with ideas for common-sense solutions are sought at every level for effective limited government that advances peace and public safety in our community while promoting a high quality of life for all freedom-loving individuals.

For now, simply become familiar with the Primary candidates by party, listed in no particular order, who want to serve Naperville. Thank you.

Unofficial Candidate List

Democratic (D) Libertarian (L) Republican (R)

Washington, D.C

US Senates
Tammy Duckworth (D)
Bill Redpath (L)
Peggy Hubbard (R) or Casey Chlebek (R) or Maryann Mahlen (R) or Bobby Piton (R) or Jimmy Lee Tillman II (R) or Anthony Williams (R) or Kathy Salvi (R) or Matt Dubiel (R)

U.S. House of Representatives

14th District
Lauren Underwood (D)
Scott Gryder (R) / Mike Koolidge (R) / Jack Lombardi II (R) / James Marter (R) / Jaime Milton (R) / Susan Starrett (R)

11th District
Bill Foster (D)
Mark Carroll (R) or Jerry Evans (R) or Susan Hathaway-Altman (R) or Andrea Heeg (R) or Catalina Laugh (R) or Juan Ramos (R) or Cassandra Tanner Miller (R)

6th District
Sean Casten (D)
Niki Conforti (R) or Rob Cruz (R) or Gary Grasso (R) or Scott Kasper (R) or Catherine A. O’Shea (R) or Keith Pekau (R)


Illinois governor
JB Pritzker (D) or Beverly Miles
Richard Irvin (R) or Paul Schimpf (R) or Gary Rabine (R) or Darren Bailey (R) or Jesse Reising (R) or Jesse Sullivan (R).

Illinois Lt. gov.
Juliana Stratton
Avery Bourne (R) or Latisha Fields (R) or Grind Board (R)

Illinois Secretary of State
David Moore (D) or Anna Valencia (D) or Alexi Giannoulias (D) or Sydney Moore (D)
Dan Brady (R) or John Milhiser (R) or Michelle Turney (R)

Illinois Attorney General
Kwame Raoul (D)
David Shestokas (R) or Steve Kim (R) or Tom DeVore (R)

Illinois Comptroller
Susana Mendoza (D)
Shannon Teresi (R) or Michael Kinney (R)

Illinois Treasurer
Mike Frerichs (D)
Tom Demmer (R) or Patrice McDermand (R)

Illinois Senate District 21
Laura Ellman (D)
Kathleen Murray (R)

Illinois Senate District 41
No Candidate (D)
John Curran (R)

Illinois Senate District 42
Linda Holmes
Doug Santucci (R)

Illinois State Republic District 41
Janet Yang Rohr (D)
Jennifer Taylor (R)

Illinois State Republic District 84
Stephanie Kifowit (D)
Joe West (R)

Illinois State Republic District 81
Anne Stave-Murray (D)
Paul Leong (R)

DuPage County

DuPage County Board Chairman
Deb Conroy (D)
Greg Hart (R) or Peter “Pete” DiCianni (R)

DuPage County Sheriff
(D) No candidate
James Mendrick (R)

DuPage County Clerk
Jean Kaczmarek (D)
Evelyn Sanguinetti (R)

DuPage County Treasurer
Don Potoczny (D)
Gwen Henry (R)

DuPage County Board District 5 (Vote for not more than 3)
Dawn DeSart (D) Sadia Covert (D) Amy Chavez (D)
Richard A. Janor (R) Patricia “Patty” Gustin (R) Janice Marie Anderson (R)

DuPage Forest Preserve President
Daniel Hebreard (D)
Robert J. Schillerstrom (R)

Forest Preserve District 5
Barbara A. O’Meara (D)
Elizabeth J. Folk Van Arsdell (R)

18th Judicial Court DuPage (Kleeman)
Mia McPherson (D)
Kavita Athanikar (R)

18th Judicial Court DuPage (milling)
Jill Otte (D)
Michael “Mike” W. Reidy (R)

3rd Supreme Court DuPage (Cilbrids)
Mary K. O’Brien (D)
Michael J Burke (R)

3rd Appellate Court DuPage (wright)
James A Murphy (D) or Sonni Choi Williams (D)
Liam Christopher Brennan (R)

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Will County

Will County Board District 10 (Vote no more than 2)

Meta Mueller (D), Khadija “DJ” Sufi (D)
Julie Berkowicz (R), Vasavi Chakka (R)

Will County Clerk
Lauren Staley Ferry
Gretchen Fritz (R)

Will County Sheriff
Mike Kelly (D)
Jim Reilly (R)

Will County Treasurer
Tim Brophy (D)
Raj “PI” Pillai (R)

Regional Superintendent of Schools
Shawn Walsh (D)
Elizabeth Caparelli (R)

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Thank you for reporting any errors or omissions in this post to [email protected]

Thanks also for being an informed voter. Here’s to many happy returns.

Save the date for the General Election, Tues., Nov. 8, 2022.

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