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Incumbent Tom Dart for Cook County sheriff in Democratic primary

This endorsement is a consensus opinion of the Daily Herald Editorial Board.

We pity the election officials charged with updating the official June 28 Democratic primary ballot for Cook County sheriff.

We’ve lost count of the number of changes made in recent weeks, and the ballot battle goes on. At the time we started scheduling endorsement interviews, there were five candidates. Because of petition challenges and court rulings, the number kept changing.

As of Thursday, only Noland Rivera was officially left to challenge incumbent Tom Dart, though both Carmen Navarro Gercone and LaTonya Ruffin vowed to continue their appeals.

Confusing as the race may be, a few things are clear. Rivera, Gercone and Ruffin have impressive backgrounds in law enforcement and a passion to protect. However, Dart has a proven track record of innovation and meeting challenges head on.

He proposed the ghost gun legislation that was recently passed in Illinois, addressed mental health concerns at the jail and initiated a new co-responder program that allows deputies and partner police departments to immediately connect those in crisis with resources. He understands that stemming the tide of violence requires both a strong dose of prevention and resources to help those behind bars avoid a vicious cycle of crime and incarceration.

Dart talks of a “full plate of initiatives” he has launched and would like to see through. We believe he should have that chance. He has our endorsement.

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