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In anticipation of the murder, Algonquin ophthalmologist dies of COVID-19

An Algoncan ophthalmologist awaiting trial for the first degree murder of his girlfriend in 2019 and who was examined eight years earlier for his wife’s suspicious death has died of COVID-19 complications.

Anthony Prate, 57, died on December 17 at Palos Community Hospital in Tinley Park.

Prate was charged with first degree murder on November 23, 2019 when Malgorzata “Margaret” Daniel, 48, from Schaumburg was stabbed with the knife.

Prate, who pleaded not guilty of murder charges, had been released from prison since January 2020 and was under house arrest at his mother’s home in Tinley Park, wearing an ankle monitor. He had deposited $ 300,000, 10% of his $ 3 million loan.

Cook County authorities claim Prate killed Daniel by stabbing her nearly 30 times.

Prosecutors said at one of Prate’s first appearances in a Rolling Meadows courtroom that he became angry during a dinner at Daniel’s house with another couple present. Prosecutors said he was triggered when the conversation turned on the subject of death and asked how his wife died.

At some point after the other couple left the house, Prate called 911 and asked for help because he and his girlfriend, he said, were having an argument with a knife, she stabbed him and he stabbed her in the back. She was “badly wounded” on the floor, he told the dispatcher.

But before Prate made 911, he made at least three more calls, court records show. Prate waited at least 20 minutes before calling 911, Cook County’s assistant prosecutor Glendon Runk said in court, adding that he had not tried to give her resuscitation or help during that time.

Prate sustained cuts on his hands and wrists for which he underwent surgery, said Sam Amirante, Prate’s attorney at the time of his 2020 hearings. Amirante described his wounds as “defensive”.

Daniel was stabbed 27 times with a “butcher’s knife,” said Runk. She suffered wounds on her arms, hands and each leg and had 15 stitches in her upper body and seven in her upper back between her shoulder blades, Runk said.

After Prate was charged with first degree murder in Daniel’s death, McHenry County Attorney Patrick Kenneally and Lake in the Hills police issued a joint statement saying they would re-investigate the circumstances surrounding his wife’s death in 2011 .

According to hospital records, she was pronounced dead upon arrival at a hospital in Elgin after a car accident in Lake in the Hills.

In the statement released in December 2019, officials said they would “continue to evaluate in-depth information on its impact on the tragic death of Bridget Prate in 2011”.

But that trial, which included new interviews with people close to the Prates, did not result in any death charges.

“Dozens of prosecutors have reviewed this case across two governments and over many years,” Kenneally said in a statement Friday. “Unfortunately, everyone has come to the same conclusion that there is simply not enough evidence and the evidence available is too contradictory to even come close to without reasonable doubt.”

When she learned of Prate’s death, Daniel’s eldest daughter, Patrycja “Tricia” Daniel, 29, was “surprised,” she said.

“I was just stunned,” she said. “And how obviously it was just not to be expected that it would (end) like this.”

Patrycja Daniel said that she just wants to get on with her life now, having endured the stress of a possible impending trial and wading through the obstacles the pandemic has put in the way of any kind of justice for more than two years.

“I think he was very lucky for sure,” she said. “I feel like he’s had a lot of luck on his side. … A lot of things have worked out in his favor.”

Dominika Daniel, 27, repeated her older sister’s reaction when she heard the news.

“I was stunned,” she said. “I didn’t really know how to react. Part of me was like it was all over now. Then there was another part of me, I won’t get many answers to the questions I have.” . The biggest question is why? “

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