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Hooters Now Hiring Male Servers

Hooter's chicken wing

Hoots will keep the wings but ditch the skimpy orange shorts.

Courtesy of Hooters

A new Hooter’s concept that draws inspiration from fast-casual chains like Chipotle and Panera will have both male and female servers.

But if you were hoping to live out your “Magic Mike” fantasies while visiting the restaurant, you may be disappointed — servers at the new restaurant will ditch the revealing uniforms that helped make the original “breastaurant” chain famous, Tampa Bay Times reported.

The first location of the new concept, called Hoots, will use counter service, similar to the fast-casual styles of restaurants like Panera and Chipotle. Instead of sitting down and being served by a scantily clad waitresses, at Hoots customers will order from both men and women and then pick up food at the counter to take out or eat in the restaurant.

The chain will serve a simplified menu, which will feature Hooter’s famous wings. The location will also have a full-service bar.

The first Hoots restaurant will open in Circero, Illinois, next month. Clearwater, Florida-based Hooters Management Corp., one of two companies that oversee Hooters locations around the world, is behind the new restaurant.

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