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Help locals in Southeast Evanston on Small Business Saturday November 27th

The Main-Dempster Mile is an incentive for Evanstonians to shop locally on Small Business Saturday this year, while also offering community members the opportunity to donate to Evanston’s less fortunate.

“Some of our companies generate up to 40% of their annual sales on holidays,” says Katherine Gotsick, Executive Director of Main-Dempster Mile. “We were so grateful for the support Evanstonian’s MDM companies showed during the COVID and road construction. We do some very fun things to say thank you for keeping this local love going. ”

Here’s what happens the weekend after Thanksgiving in Southeast Evanston:

FREE SHOPPING BAG available in participating stores. A list of stores can be found at https://www.maindempstermile.com/small-business-saturday

REWARDS FOR SHOPPING: Shoppers spending $ 100 a mile on Small Business Saturday can redeem their receipts for a gift bag filled with items donated by MDM companies. Shoppers can pick up the bags at the Holiday Drive-Thru and drop them off at Train Station Alley (600 Main Street) on Saturday from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

MDM has compiled a list of events and sales happening in stores this weekend at https://www.maindempstermile.com/small-business-saturday.

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