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Greenwood St Beach closed over the weekend

Greenwood St. Beach remained closed this weekend, leaving beach-goers disappointed.

According to the City of Evanston website, the beach did not open due to a lack of staff.

Greenwood Beach closed over the weekend due to staff shortages. Credit: Richard Cahan

The RoundTable placed a call but was not able to reach city officials from the Parks and Recreation Department to find out when, or if, the beach will reopen as well as the seriousness of the lifeguard staffing shortage.

“It’s really upsetting that that beach was closed, just because of staffing,” said Garry Chankin, a Northbrook resident who frequents Greenwood St. Beach. “It just doesn’t seem right.”

Chankin said the beach is his favorite spot in Evanston. He particularly loves the view at Greenwood St. Beach, which displays the Chicago skyline to the south and the Northwestern University campus to the north.

Parking is also convenient at Greenwood St. Beach, making it easy to transport food, bags and chairs, he said. Chankin said he feels the city should have tried harder to keep the beach open. He said, “It seems irresponsible.”

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