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Gas Prices Update: Could Oak Lawn Soon See Prices Under $5?

OAK LAWN, IL — Oak Lawn residents saw a week of slow but steady decline at the pump, but gas prices still remain well above what they were this time last year.

One factor in the drop-off could have been that Illinois suspended the inflation adjustment to its gas tax July 1. The gas tax holiday is scheduled to last through Dec. 31, according to the Illinois Department of Revenue. The state’s tax on gas will stay flat at 39 cents per gallon during that time.

While motorists wait to see what the long-term effects will be on their wallets, average gas prices in Illinois were at $5.06, which is down 14 cents from this time last week, according to AAA.
Illinois’ cheapest gas can be found at Huck’s in McLeansboro at $3.75 per gallon.

The average in Cook County remained above the state average Friday, sitting at about $5.51 per gallon, according to AAA.

In Oak Lawn, the cheapest gas Friday was at Citgo, W. 87th St. at $5.06, according to GasBuddy.
Gas can be found under $5 a gallon if you know where to look, though Oak Lawn motorists will have to travel out of town to get it. The cheapest gas in South Cook County Friday was at Clark, 3546 W. 150th St., Markham, selling for $4.75.

Here are some other places you can save near Oak Lawn:

Mariano’s, 4920 W. 111th St., $5.19
BP, 11040 S. Pulaski Road, $5.29
Clark, 6800 W. 95th St., $5.39

Nationally, the average gas price Friday was about $4.58 per gallon. It was $3.16 at this same point last year, according to AAA.

Illinois’ gas prices ranked no. 7 in the lower 48 of the county. The top 5 states in gas price averages Friday were California at $5.95, Oregon at $5.31, Nevada at $5.30, Washington at $5.28 and Idaho at $5.17, according to AAA. South Carolina had the lowest national gas price average at $4.09.

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