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Everything to know about the Field of Dreams Game

2022 has mostly been a disaster of a season for the Chicago Cubs. At 45-65, they are 16.0 games out of first place and only out of last place by one game. They are at the very beginning of a rebuild after tearing it all down over the last year or so.

They haven’t even really been rebuilding right as they decided to keep both Willson Contreras and Ian Happ despite many rumors of them getting a lot in return for them. Now, they just have to play out this season and wait for it to end.

However, there is one more highlight for these guys in 2022. They are going to be playing in the Field of Dreams Game against the Cincinnati Reds.

Much like the Cubs, the Reds are also in the early stages of a rebuild and are just as bad. They trail the Cubs by one game in the NL Central. It is the one game keeping the Chicago Cubs from being in last place (the Pittsburgh Pirates are also in that last place mix).

The Chicago Cubs and the Cincinnati Reds will play in the Field of Dreams Game.

The 2021 edition of the Field of Dreams game was magical as the Chicago White Sox defeated the New York Yankees in dramatic fashion. Tim Anderson hit a walk-off home run after the Yankees took a one-run lead in the top of the ninth.

It was legitimately one of the best regular season baseball games ever played and it was between two World Series-level teams. This year, they are following it up with to of the five worst teams in the league that have nothing to do with the movie Field of Dreams.

The only thing is that the Cubs are also from Chicago and the Reds are the team that the White Sox lost the World Series to on purpose in 1919. Outside of that, they really don’t matter at all in the movie.

It would make sense to bring in new teams that don’t matter in the movie if they were actually good but this was a bad decision from the second it was made. Hopefully, they are still able to put on as good of a show as they can.

This game is going to be on Fox and it will start at 6:15 CT. Drew Smyly will start for the Chicago Cubs and Nick Lodolo will get the nod for the Reds. It isn’t the most exciting pitching matchup of all time but both guys will enjoy this moment as best as they can.

There are some Cubs players to be excited about seeing the dawn of the old-school-looking jersey. Willson Contreras and Ian Happ did stick around so this is another chance for them to have a big moment in a Cubs jersey.

They were each National League All-Stars in July so this will be another highlight for them. There are also plenty of other young Cubs players that should enjoy the opportunity to play on a stage like this. Although it is a matchup of two bad teams, a lot of people will enjoy it for other reasons.

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