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Christmas tree shortage in the Chicago area is already worse than expected – NBC Chicago

Yes, the persistently limited supply of Christmas trees will continue into 2021, but it’s a lot worse than last year due to several recent trends and climatic factors.

Since last year’s pandemic lockdown, the demand for Christmas trees has skyrocketed, especially for real trees.

Recent storms across the country have affected tree harvests, while the 2012 drought has been the main cause of tree shortages in recent years.

On average, Christmas trees only grow a foot a year. That means many popular premium trees that were planted in 2012 are best selling now. Therefore, the replacement of the offer does not happen overnight and can take years.

Chris Hohenstein, of City Tree Delivery in Chicago, said some of his salespeople have had to cancel or cut back orders for trees over eight feet.

“I’ve probably called 100 suppliers this year to find new suppliers. One of my main suppliers didn’t have any trees for me, ”says Hohenstein. “Anything we’re trying to sell this year was probably planted in 2012-2016. So we are really limited and we probably will be for the next few years. “

According to Hohenstein, his delivery service has recorded an increase in customer orders of more than 60% in the year to date. He predicted that it would run out of trees by December 1st.

“That is probably the narrowest market we have ever had,” said Hohenstein.

Do not think that you will appear in person.

Pete Ternes of Middle Brow Brew Pub has run a Christmas tree next to his business for three years. He said this year had the highest demand yet.

“We’ll probably only have them for about a week and a half to two weeks,” said Ternes. “Our labor costs have increased; Device costs have increased. It’s hard to get things. “

That is why prices will also rise in 2021.

Ternes said its prices were up 10%. Other owners said consumers can expect tree prices to rise by up to 25%.

“Shipping [has] increased twice or three times, ”said Hohenstein. “We had to raise our prices by US $ 5 to 10 per tree.”

This year the early bird might actually be on time.

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