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Chicago Museum Exhibit Makes List of 10 Not to Miss in 2023 – NBC Chicago

Some incredible 2023 exhibits across the United States will aim to keep your sanity in tact this winter and beyond, and there’s good news for Chicagoans.

Of the top 10 best US exhibits to see this year, as picked by Lonely Planet, a Chicago museum’s new offering made the list.

“Part nostalgia trip, part engineering wonder, this exhibition at Chicago’s Museum of Science & Industry is a quirky look at the joys of melting and shaping plastic,” the travel website wrote of its No. 2 picks

That’s right, the Museum of Science & Industry’s recently added “Mold-A-Rama: Molded for the Future” is a destination, per the list, thanks to the exhibit’s “decades of innovation and fun” on display for all to see.

Mold-A-Rama machines have been a longtime staple in Chicago museums, and the MSI dedicated a space to the nostalgic gizmos that pump out plastic souvenirs.

The exhibit showcases “a collection of popular, rare and experimental Mold-A-Rama souvenirs from the past with their quirky colors, designs and — of course — signature smell,” according to the museum’s website.

In exchange for $3 — or $5, depending on the location — Mold-A-Rama machines meld plastic into figurines within minutes. The retro-looking devices have churned out hundreds of collectible novelties for over 60 years, the museum noted.

Visitors will be able to stock up on molds at several machines installed throughout the exhibit and museum.

The exhibit is running now until late 2023 at the museum’s lower level. The museum is open 9:30 am to 4 pm daily at 5700 S. DuSable Lake Shore Dr.

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