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Chicago is One of the Best ‘Foodie’ Cities in America, New Wallethub Report Says – NBC Chicago

Live in Chicago and love food? You’re in luck.

According to a new study from Wallethub, Chicago has claimed a spot on a new list of the “Top 15 Best Foodie Cities in America.” In order to rank the cities, Wallethub says it “compared more than 180 US cities across 29 key indicators of foodie-friendliness,” including cost of groceries, affordability, number of high-quality restaurants, number of food festivals, number of breweries and wineries per capita and more.

Overall, Chicago ranked No. 12 on the list, coming in behind Denver but ahead of Washington DC, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.

Chicago also nabbed the No. 1 spot in the category of “Affordability & Accessibility of Highly Rate Restaurants,” and tied four other cities — Orlando, Miami, Las Vegas and San Francisco — for 1st place when it came to “Restaurants Per Capita.”

Rounding out the other “Foodie” cities that scored higher than Chicago on the report are Portland, Austin, Sacramento, Seattle, Tampa and San Diego.

According to the report, New York came in at No. 18

In more Chicago food news, on a recent Tripadvisor report of “Best of the Best” spots to eat across the country as ranked by travelers on the platform, suburb and city favorite Portillo’s earned a spot as one of the best places in the US for a “Quick bite.”

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