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Bobby Burns: Finding community – Evanston RoundTable

In Episode 13 of the Evanston Rules podcast, Fifth Ward City Council member Bobby Burns shares how the various people in his life have made a difference. He mentions our very own Ron Whitmore who was his kindergarten teacher as a character of influence.

In our conversation, Bobby recounts his life choices and the lessons he learned on the way with full transparency.

Time has shown him the importance of being thoughtful, wise and focused to get things done. Bobby holds respect towards the accomplishments of those before him. He articulates how his process has guided him to grow into a community leader and advocate for those who have been wrongfully excluded.

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Evanston Rules explores the history and stories of people who have made a difference in our town. Voices of the past, present, and future cross-stitch a tapestry of our community: the opportunities, disparities,… More by Evanston Rules

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