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After the sunny afternoon, the winds will rise overnight as the temps drop overnight – NBC Chicago

Sunday starts off dreary and potentially rainy in much of the Chicago area, and while things will improve for the afternoon, another draft of cold air is waiting in the wings for the start of the work week.

The day starts with cloudy conditions, with a few showers throughout the area. This precipitation will peel off later in the day, and the sunny skies will come for the afternoon. The high temperatures are expected to be quite mild and last well into the low 1950s.

Unfortunately, these conditions come at a price, as the wind picks up in the afternoon hours. In the evening and during the night, gusts could reach up to 30 miles per hour, cooling the air and lowering the wind significantly overnight.

According to forecasting models, these gusts of wind are likely to push wind chills into the early to mid-teens.

The area is unlikely to see much relief from the cold on Monday as winds remain gusty and temperatures stay low, not rising until the lower to mid 30s. Windchill will likely hit somewhere in the 1920s, giving the Chicago area one of the coldest days of the season.

On Tuesday and Wednesday the winds will calm down and the temperatures will rise, with highs going back to the 50s by the middle of the week. However, the warm weather will be short-lived and on late Wednesday afternoons and evenings showers will roll into the region.

Those showers could linger on Thanksgiving and possibly mix with a few snowflakes. Thursday’s high temperatures are expected to last into the low to mid 40s.

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