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Youth accused of stabbing a foam burger with a knife

A 17-year-old boy is charged with first-degree murder in stabbing a Schaumburger with a knife.

The Schaumburg police arrested the suspect on Monday. He is not named because he is a youth.

The stabbing took place on September 28th in the 600 block on Sturnbridge Lane. Manuel Porties was identified as the victim of the attack.

Police say while the crime charges were initially denied due to insufficient evidence, the detectives continued to investigate and came up with new evidence.

Cook County State Prosecutor Kim Foxx approved a first degree murder charge.

“I am grateful that the continued diligence and investigative work of our detectives has helped bring justice to the Porties family,” said Schaumburg Police Chief Bill Wolf.


The suspect will appear for his court hearing on November 16.

“The collaboration between the Schaumburg detectives and the Cook County’s Assistant Attorney General on this case is an example of how the system is working effectively to bring justice to the Porties family and the people of Cook County,” said Cook County Attorney Foxx. “We are incredibly grateful for the thoroughness and commitment of the Schaumburg police.

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