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$ 750,000 loan for a man accused of trying to break into Oak Brooks house on Thanksgiving


Sean Anderson, 24, of Westchester

A bond has been placed on a Cook County man accused of trying to break into a house in Oak Brook on Thanksgiving night.

Sean Anderson, 24, of Westchester, has been charged with armed violence, attempted home invasion, attempted home break-in and illicit gun possession, according to a press release from the DuPage State Attorney’s Office.

Anderson appeared in a bond court Saturday morning where Judge Susan Alvarado ruled a bond of $ 750,000, with a 10 percent request.

According to the press release, Oak Brook police responded to a house in Glenoble Court shortly before 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving after receiving a phone call that a man tried to break in. When the officers arrived, they identified Anderson as the suspect and learned that he had escaped through the back yard towards Roosevelt Road, the press release said.

Two officers on duty saw Anderson and began to follow him on foot, the statement said. He was arrested less than a quarter of a mile away on Roosevelt Road near the entrance to Interstate 294.

According to the press release, Anderson officials reportedly saw a loaded gun as they rolled him from his stomach onto his back.

The press release said that further investigations into the woman in the house heard a knock on the back door, believing it might have been her husband. Then she opened the door and found that Anderson had already opened the screen door and went on to state that it was from an energy company – and according to the notice, demanded that he be let inside.

The woman closed the door and called for her husband. According to the release, when the husband arrived, gun in hand, Anderson repeated that he was from an energy company and demanded to be admitted. When the husband refused, Anderson fled, the release says.

According to the press release, officials later found that Anderson is currently on parole for a 2018 car theft in Cook County.

DuPage County Attorney Robert Berlin is reminding residents to be careful when opening the doors of their home.

“I would like to remind homeowners not to open their doors to people who are not waiting for them or who do not have the appropriate ID,” said Berlin. “I commend the Oak Brook Police Department for their prompt response and concern to Mr. Anderson.”

Anderson’s next trial is scheduled for December 20 for indictment before Judge Ann Celine O’Hallaren Walsh. If convicted of the most serious offense, he faces a sentence of between 15 and 30 years in the Illinois Department of Justice, the statement said.

Charges are just allegations. All defendants are presumed innocent and entitled to a fair trial, in which it is the government’s duty to prove their guilt unequivocally.

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