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Zebras flee from a pumpkin farm in suburban Chicago and keep the traffic going

PINGREE GROVE, Illinois (AP) – Two zebras that escaped from a pumpkin farm in suburban Chicago had travelers on a state highway double takes when the exotic animals took to the streets during their brief taste of freedom.

The young male and female zebras escaped from an enclosure at an indoor zoo at Goebbert’s Pumpkin Patch and Apple Orchard in Pingree Grove on Sunday. They crossed Route 47 several times and wandered through farm fields in the northwest suburb of Chicago.

Illinois state police were called because the chase was near Interstate 90, The Daily Herald reported. Other police authorities also joined in the persecution of the striped refugees.

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A passenger in a car filmed the animals running into a field and posted the video on TikTok. “They look like zebras. They have stripes. You are! “Exclaims the driver in the video.

Kane County’s Undersheriff Pat Gengler said police blocked traffic in the area several times over fears that cars would hit the zebras or cause gawking motorists to be involved in accidents.

After about two hours, workers at the pumpkin patch and the zoo used all-terrain vehicles to locate the animals and capture them both. The zebras that are being delivered to the pumpkin patch by another farm were not injured in the pursuit.

“It was pretty exciting for a while. All employees were on deck, ”said Jacob Goebbert, a farm employee.

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