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Will Kastelic Goes National on the Gymnastic Level

Will Kastelic Goes National on the Gymnastic Level Will Kastelic Goes National on the Gymnastic Level

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Benet Academy’s lone gymnast Will Kastelic was not at sectionals but that didn’t mean he was not competing. Check out the latest Feature Story, sponsored by Edward Medical Group.

After becoming Benet Academy’s first ever boys gymnastics state qualifier in 2021, junior Will Kastelic took his gymnastics skill to another level by competing for Region 5 of the USA Men’s Gymnastics National Championships. With dozens of gymnasts from around the country and competing, Kastelic finished in 30th place after a great performance on all six events.

“I was excited it was unreal when I was there. I was like it’s actually Nationals, like these are the best gymnasts in the nation and I’m one of them. It was really cool. Just crazy to be there great experience.”

Kastelic was one of four gymnasts in the area to compete at the national level, along with Tyler Williams and Hunter Ernest from Naperville Central, as well as John Blakey from Wheaton Academy. Besides competing for Benet Academy. Will also practices his skills for premiere gymnastics in Downers Grove, an organization he’s been training with since he was four years old.

“That’s where I started my gymnastics career it’s the only place around us besides Naperville Gymnastics but that is all girls so yeah premiere gymnastics we my only option.”

He took time off from competing for Benet academy this year because of his national opportunity. After a great first performance at the big stage, Kastelic hopes that his senior season will be one to remember, along with getting an opportunity to participate at Nationals once again.

“It’s amazing what I’ve done in my high school career so far, we’ll see what happens down the road.”

For Naperville Sports Weekly I’m Patrick Codo.


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