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Upbeat! with the Naperville Municipal Band

Ann Good Lord has been Emcee for the Naperville Municipal Band for 63 years!

In December 2020, Ann Lord had considered stepping down from her historic role on stage to conduct the Naperville Municipal Band Concerts. In fact, she said during an interview that the timing seemed just right as she expected to celebrate her 90th birthday on January 18, 2021.

Then she was inundated with birthday cards and congratulations from many band fans she didn’t even know. The love she felt from the community for representing the band changed her mind about retirement. And thanks to her friend Vicki Keller; Son Steve and wife Pat; and daughter Cathy, who all arranged transportation to and from rehearsals and concerts, Ann didn’t miss a beat.

During a recent phone call, we were delighted again with Ann’s way of sharing her secrets to the good life. We laughed together. Ann took a moment to remember how much she had enjoyed watching comedian Betty White during her long television career spanning more than seven decades. Ann said she particularly liked White’s portrayal of Rose on the Golden Girls TV series. Betty White died on December 31, 2021 at the age of 99. Her 100th birthday would have been January 17, 2022.

The longtime host of the Naperville Municipal Band turns 91 on January 18, 2022, and PN once again had many questions for the woman known for taking the stage with her entertaining narratives that lead to songs. But we resisted! We didn’t want to give Ann a chance to tell us she was thinking of retiring!

However, Ann said that as long as she has a lift, she will continue to share her memorable narrative every Thursday night at a summer band concert in Central Park and an indoor concert at the Wentz Concert Hall stage. “My son Steve and his wife enjoy the band concerts. They always go, ”said Ann. “You are happy that I am arriving there.”

And Ann Lord is forever grateful for all the good wishes. Applause!

Please note that the Positively Naperville website has additional stories about Ann Lord with lots of photos. A special video of their 90th birthday parade organized by the Naperville Municipal Band is also online. Just search for “Ann Lord” at www.positivelynaperville.com.

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