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University of Chicago launches short videos on brainy breakthroughs

Image courtesy of University of Chicago.

In recent years, folks at the University of Chicago have worked to make their brainy achievements more accessible to the regular guy.

Why it matters: Universities can attract more students and public support if people actually understand their big benefits to the world.

  • But academics are notorious for speaking a language that’s hard for outsiders to grok.

What’s happening: Last year we spotlighted the “Big Brains” podcast that explores UChicago findings in a 30-minute format.

  • This year UChicago communicators have further distilled the info into written explainers and short videos called “The Day Tomorrow Began.”

zoom in: So far the series has tackled black holes, quantum technology, ancient civilizations and, most recently, the discovery of REM sleep.

What they’re saying: “Our faculty members have a distinct reputation for shaping and defining new fields of study,” UChicago communications specialist Paul Rand tells Axios.

  • He notes that the series is meant to bring research “to life and highlight where we are going next.”

What’s ahead: Look for episodes on “economics, carbon dating, social work, cancer research, and the first nuclear reaction. And we’re just scratching the surface,” Rand says.

🕰 Not to brag but: Axios did a great job explaining the importance of UChicago’s Doomsday Clock yesterday in this story about our record proximity to, um, doom.

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