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The beginning of the end of skyrocketing crime in Chicago and Cook? Who could lead funding of a slate of such crime fighters? Watch Berkowitz w/Fioretti on these state & local political/public policy issues: Web and Cable

1. To reduce violent crimes sharply in Chicago and Cook County, we must Treat criminals as criminals, not as victims. But Chicago’s Mayor- Lightfoot, Cook County Board President Preckwinkle, State’s Attorney Foxx, Cook County’s Chief Judge Tim Evans & Cook County’s Sheriff Dart refuse to do that- no matter the mayhem, violence, physical harm and death and destruction of businesses and property- their policies cause in Chicago, Cook County and Illinois

2. In short- Lightfoot, Preckwinkle, Foxx, Evans, and Dart do not believe in real, effective, and pro-active policing. That is, they won’t employ a unified and sensitive set of law enforcement policies to stop a violent crime over the last two years.

3. Such crime fighting policies require vigorous lawful and constitutional investigation of crimes, charges and arrest of individuals with probable cause they committed a crime, detention in jail imposed by judges (after being sought by assistant State’s Attorneys- not bonding out with little or nothing at stake from the suspected) of those arrested repeatedly for violent crimes, vigorous prosecution (not continuous dropping of charges) by the State’s Attorney of the accused, followed by stiff and serious sentencing by judges if the accused is convicted, followed by incarceration (not probation and/or parole) for a length of time in prison that fits the crime.

4. Democrat Fioretti, a former two-term Chicago Alderman, could be appointed by the Cook County and Chicago GOP in July 2022 to be their candidate to stop Toni Preckwinkle (Cook County Dem Party Chair) in her November 2022 bid for a fourth term as Cook Country Board President.


To watch the “Public Affairs” show w/Bob Fioretti discussing how to stop Chicago’s & Cook County’s lethal violence, please click here.

Or you can watch the show w/Bob Fioretti on cable in the City of Chicago on Ch. 21 (CAN TV):

Tonight, 8:30pm and midnight.

Tomorrow night, 9:02 pm (as lead segment of the Illinois Channel two-hour block of programming airing around the State this week)

This Saturday morning, 9:02 am

This Sunday morning, 8:32 am (Ch 19)


Jeff Berkowitz: “Bob, we are taping this on May 24th, we’ll find out about Paul Vallas perhaps this weekend, what if Paul ran for Mayor (Watch Vallas on a potential run), what if you ran for Cook County Board President …do you think you would have a team?”


Many think Vallas and Fioretti could radically reduce crime by replacing Lightfoot (2023) and Preckwinkle (2022). Further, if the voters also tossed out Chief Judge Evans (79, 20-years as Chief Judge) by voting not to retain him as a judge in November 2022, Foxx and Dart might get the message, giving Chicago and Cook County quite an impactful change on violent crime policy and crime reduction.

Would Ken Griffin help form and fund such a slate to reduce crime in Chicago and Cook County, which he says is one of his major policy goals? Inquiring minds want to know. Berkowitz hints in the show with Fioretti at this action by Illinois’ richest citizen, clocking in with a net worth of $30 billion.

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