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State’s First Nonalcoholic Craft Brewery Could be Coming to Naperville

Alcohol-free brewery

Naperville could be home to Illinois’ first non-alcoholic craft brewery. The recently founded company GO Brewing from Naperville suggests the concept. Local resident Joe Chura and his team are looking for an option for those who want to stay fit and healthy while enjoying a craft beer.

“Because having something meaningful to help others is the why, so to speak, and it’s an extension of what we believe in and what our team believes in because it gives you the opportunity to educate yourself, to offer a healthier alternative without the social fun The sacrifice of going out and drinking, ”said Chura, the founder of GO Brewing.

The proposed project includes a tasting room that will sell five to six GO Brewing non-alcoholic and low-alcohol beers. “Alcohol-free beer doesn’t have to taste like non-alcoholic beer,” says Bruce Etzcorn, operations manager at GO Brewing. “You’re good at that. And if you can do it well, you benefit from a productive morning and can simply really enjoy it. “

For those looking to enjoy a drink on a regular basis, there are plans to also have guest ales from neighboring companies like Solemn Oath and 2 Fools Cider on tap. “Whatever the reason, whatever the area Solemn Oath is in and where it is, it’s right off Noon Whistle. It’s become like the Naperville craft beer corridor and we want to promote that, ”said Chura. “There is room for all of us and we all do something different.”

Fitness and socializing

If approved, GO Brewing would relocate to the 2 Fools Cider spot on Quincy Avenue, which is changing locations for a larger space. The space at GO Brewing wouldn’t just house a tap and tasting room. The fitness-oriented group also offers physical activities such as yoga, stretching and personal training in the brewery. To make it a more social scene there is live music and activities, karaoke and food trucks.

“Having food trucks here and supporting local Naperville restaurants is vital for us, and our goal is also for them to support us and bring our beer to their restaurants,” said Chura. “If you go out to eat in a restaurant and ask for a non-alcoholic draft beer, there is pretty much nothing today and we want to change that.”

The plan is to also sell their craft beers in cans in grocery stores and ship them to consumers, including outside of the state.

City approval process

GO Brewing presented their idea to the city’s Liquor Commission on Thursday. One question that came up was security. “As for security, we’ll all be carding,” said Etzcorn. “21 means 21 and we treat this facility like it brews a lot of alcohol. In addition, all of our servers will be basset certified and there will always be a manager on site. “

The commission decided to raise the cap of a brewery license from three to four for the new business. Naperville City Council has the final say on whether GO Brewing’s proposal is approved. You could do this as early as November. If approved by the council, GO Brewing plans to open its doors to a soft opening in January 2022 and get its taproom ready for use in March.

Aysha Ashley Househ reported on Naperville News 17.


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