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Some Dolton trustees are concerned about Dorothy Brown who has been hired as a village administrator

Some Dolton trustees concerned about Dorothy Brown hired as temporary village caretaker

The trustees are concerned about a former Cook County official who has ties to a federal corruption case and is now a village administrator.

There are concerns in the suburb of Dolton.

The trustees are concerned about a former Cook County official who has ties to a federal corruption case and is now a village administrator.

The sign outside Dolton Village Hall says Tiffany Henyard is the mayor, and in fact she was sworn in for that position last May.

But a number of trustees say the real power Dolton wields is former Cook County’s court secretary Dorothy Brown, embroiled in yet another federal corruption case.

Four of Dolton’s six trustees met with FOX 32 outside the village house Thursday to share their concerns about Dorothy Brown’s role in running the village.

Brown retired after 20 years as a Cook County court clerk last year and is now drawing a county pension of nearly $ 90,000.

Then, last May, she was hired as the administrator of Dolton’s Village for $ 100,000 a year.

Her recruitment was driven by Dolton’s new Mayor, Tiffany Henyard, whom Brown describes as her mentor and godmother.

But trustees ask if she is qualified.

“Dorothy Brown was brought in as an advisor first, and when the Trustees did not choose her as an advisor, she is now the village manager,” said Dolton Trustee Tammy Brown.

Trustees say they were also alarmed by news Tuesday that a Pennsylvania man pleaded guilty in federal court to corruptly favoring Dorothy Brown.

The federal indictment states that businessman Donald Donagher Jr. admits he paid part of the expenses of a 2014 Dorothy Brown Awards event in exchange for continuing to receive contracts from Brown’s office.


“We want to make sure Dolton is making things as transparent as possible, and we don’t want anything that could tarnish our community,” said Dolton trustee Jason House.

The trustees said they were told that Brown would only work for Dolton for three to six months in a transitional role, but they are concerned that the job has yet to be advertised.

“I have a feeling the village has been misled about the intent of Dorothy’s appointment,” said House.

FOX 32 tried to speak to the mayor but she was not in her office and the Dolton police blocked our reporter in her home.

We were later told by a spokesman for Mayor Henyard that Brown would be leaving the village next month when her interim employment expires.

“I had a conversation with the mayor this morning and as the mayor said she supports Ms. Brown, she is doing a great job in the village,” said Nikita McGraw, Dolton spokeswoman.

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