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Plainfield-Naperville woman wins on TV’s Jeopardy “https://news.google.com/__i/rss/rd/articles/Local News” wspynews.com

The final question centered on Early American History and the date 1692 and an author.

Erin Portman of Naperville answered “witches.”

That correct answer advanced her to another day on the popular 3:30 pm show after earning $31,201.

Portman jumped into the lead with a daily double in the first round, betting it all and totaling $7,200, taking the lead over the defending champion and then never trailing the rest of the game until final Jeopardy, behind by one dollar. However, she bet $10,701 on her winning answer.

During the day, Portman is an English teacher at Plainfield East High School. She took an on-line quiz during the pandemic, which was placed into a contestant pool, and taped the episode last October.

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