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Physician Dr. Madiha Saeed explains different ways eating right will improve children’s health and behavior

CHICAGO (CBS) – Looking for ways to get your children to eat a healthy balanced diet for life? Naperville holistic doctor and author, Madiha Saeed, says she has the answer.

She’s written two new books, one for parents and one for children, about how eating the right foods, can improve a child’s health in many different ways.

“The science just blows my mind.”

Naperville-based board-certified physician, Dr. Madiha Saeed says 13 years of research went into her book “The Holistic Rx for Kids Parenting Healthy Brains and Bodies in a Changing World”.

“You can actually raise healthy little human beings with balanced brains, bodies, and behaviors by so much, you yourself can accomplish and help your child do,” she said.

Saeed’s Naperville practice is called Holistic Mom MD. She says optimal health for your child begins with what you’re putting, on their plate.

“Well, focusing on two words real foods tons of vegetables clean protein healthy fats eating the rainbow is super important.”

When Saeed talks about eating the rainbow, that’s the focus of her children’s book, “Adam’s Healing Adventures The Power of Rainbow Foods.”

Saeed says, the book teaches children how the color of foods can have a positive impact on their health.

“The red foods are necessary for heart health and lowering inflammation optimizing the immune system, the orange foods are really great for hormone balance. We have the yellow foods that are really great for digestion,” she said.

Saeed says when a child eats the right foods, they make better decisions and can even have less temper tantrums.

“So, they optimize our brain our body our behavior real food can heal the gut bacteria can balance your hormone levels, it can optimize your immune system.”

And what about processed foods and kids?

“Junk foods lead to junk behaviors and you know this, this food that this food like substances that we’re giving to our children is actually hijacking their brains.”

“Junk food destroys your gut bacteria it weakens your immune system and balances your hormones it’s packed with all of these ingredients that actually cause more harm to the body than good.”

Saeed says parents should be prepared for success when it comes to their child’s health by stocking the refrigerator and pantry with healthy foods.

She says having those foods available will reduce the stress of finding the right foods at mealtime. you can visit dr. Saeed’s website here.

Suzanne LeMignot


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