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Paul B. Moses: Trailblazing Art Historian | 09/12/2022

The extraordinary life of the art historian Paul B. Moses was defined by barriers overcome. His journey stretched from Ardmore, Pennsylvania, and Haverford College, where he was the first African-American student ever admitted, to Harvard University, where he earned a Master’s degree and began a dissertation on the French Impressionist Edgar Degas, and finally to the University of Chicago, where he became an Assistant Professor. Along the way he distinguished himself through innovative teaching and research, wrote and lectured widely on art, and produced numerous oil paintings, watercolors, and drawings. In 1966, at the age of 36, Moses’ life was tragically cut short when he was murdered by two young white men. Here, for the first time, his legacy as an exemplary scholar, educator, and critic is presented through the writings, photographs, video and audio clips, personal correspondence, ephemera, and original art he left behind.

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