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Off-duty Chicago police officers face charges after three people were shot dead during an argument at the Blue Island bowling alley

An off duty Chicago police officer was arrested after allegedly shooting three people Tuesday night during an argument at a bowling alley in the southern suburb of Blue Island.

Kyjuan Tate, 27, fired his gun just before midnight at the Burr Oak Bowl at 3030 W. 127th St., Civil Police Responsibility spokesman Ephraim Eaddy said.

He opened fire when a confrontation with one of the victims turned into physical violence in the bowling alley toilet, according to a statement from Blue Island Police Chief Geoffrey Farr.

Tate has been charged with two-fold heavy battery with one firearm and attempted murder, Farr said.

Two gunshot victims were taken to Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, where a person was left with a gunshot wound to the chest on Wednesday, Farr said in a statement.

Another person drove himself to a hospital and was discharged with a graze, he said.

Tate and one other person were arrested at the scene, Farr said. Allegedly a weapon was seized.

An employee who answered the phone at the bowling alley said the officer was at a party that was holding karaoke in a lounge area. According to the employee, one of the injured was a general manager who said the manager had been hit in the hand but was now “relaxed” at home.

On Wednesday, the bowling alley’s liquor license was withdrawn as part of the ongoing investigation into the shootings, the employee said.

Curtis Van Johnson II, another employee who was working at the time, said he was outside but saw the consequences and confirmed a general manager was shot in the hand. He said another victim was hit in the upper body while the third was grazed on the head.

Tate was arrested and removed from police powers by Blue Island Police, the Chicago Police Department said in a statement.

He was due to appear in court on January 14th.

COPA said it is investigating the shooting with the Blue Island Police Department.

A law enforcement source said the officer was previously involved in an incident with his police academy classmates during a graduation ceremony. He got into an argument with a guest in a restaurant, told the person he was a police officer, and then called an officer in distress over the police radio.

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