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Mild, relatively snowless and cloudy January continues; Snow chances for Chicago this weekend and mid week

by: WGN-TV Weather Team

Posted: Jan 19, 2023 / 09:57 PM CST

Updated: Jan 20, 2023 / 12:05 AM CST

Highest Wednesday night rainfall south of Chicago

System that brought rain to Chicago brings heavy snow from central Plains to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Snow is lacking in the Chicago area.

The last time it snowed over one inch at O’Hare Airport occurred on December 22nd. Only 0.4” of snow has been recorded at O’Hare from December 23rd through January 19th, the third least amount of snow to fall over that period since 1894.

A cloudy January 2023

Thursday produced the fourth consecutive day and the eleventh of the first nineteen days of the year without sunshine. The percent of possible sunshine through January 19th stands at 20% which is currently tied for the least amount of sunshine for any January in Chicago since 1894.

Axis of heavy snow falls west and north of Chicago

Potential storm worth monitoring next week ahead of wintry chill

Not carved in stone, but there is a weather system we’re monitoring for snow potential late Tuesday night into Wednesday.

Not a huge storm, but Sunday could see first 1”+ snow in over a month!

Snowfall probability of 1” or more snow (courtesy of the European Ensemble model)

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