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LWV president’s stance on school program shows Dem bias; Naperville needs to embrace bigger concept for Block 59 – Chicago Tribune

The League of Women Voters of Naperville is a political arm for the Democratic Party masquerading as a nonpartisan community organization.

The latest example of their bias, which they don’t even attempt to hide anymore, is their opposition to the Invest in Kids Act, a school choice program in Illinois that benefits low-income families in failing school districts.

Naperville LWV President Susan Craighead’s letter to the editor on Jan. 15 expressed her organization’s opposition to the Invest in Kids Act, which offers a 75% income tax credit to those who contribute to qualified organizations that grant scholarships to low-income families so their children can attend private schools.

The program has empowered more than 9,000 students and families to chart a more successful educational path in hopes of a brighter future.

Susan stands on the side of teachers unions and against the families who lack the means to transfer their children from local schools that are either unsafe or unsatisfactory in providing for the specific needs of individual students.

It comes from a place of privilege to feel its OK to tell these people that their children must be ripped from their current schools, where they have developed familiarity and relationships, because suburban women like Susan say their time is up.

Don’t be a “Susan,” be an advocate for families who want a better future for their children across Illinois.

Contact your legislator and urge them to expand and make the Invest in Kids Act permanent so families, no matter their income, Zip code or disability, have the opportunity to provide their child with the best educational opportunity possible.

Janice Anderson, Naperville

Naperville is in desperate need of new housing supply to help keep prices affordable, and adding housing to the proposed Block 59 development could be a win for everyone.

Making the Block 59 buildings mixed use with retail on the first floor and rental units above would be an amazing opportunity for walkable living. This would not only be incredibly attractive to potential residents, but also great for the retail owners as they would almost guarantee a certain volume of customers.

This combined with a possible shuttle to the nearby Metra station would not only help residents get to work but offer potential regional visitors easy access to Block 59, all while reducing possible traffic.

Naperville has a great opportunity to build back better with Block 59. They shouldn’t squander it by letting a developer build another boring, run-of-the-mill suburban shopping mall.

Josh Cusack, Naperville

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