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Local Troops’ Annual Christmas Tree Sale in Naperville

Christmas tree sale

The annual Christmas tree sale, hosted by Boys Troop 889 and Girls Troop 1776, is back for the holiday season. It is now operational at Wheatland Salem Methodist Church. “The Christmas Tree Sale is a fundraiser that our troops have been running for over 30 years to raise money for troop activities,” said Zachairi Harrison, leader of Troop 889.

For the girl troop leader, it’s fun to see how the community comes out and supports their groups. “Sometimes there is this really big rush of people and it’s really cool because there is just a lot of activity,” said Naomi Cann, leader of the 1776 troop.

Come early

The troops’ biggest advice this year is to come early if you want to get your hands on a tree. Due to nationwide shortages, the tree lot is currently only filled with 300 trees to start the expected 800. The next delivery comes in the middle of the week.

“But in the past we had 900 or even 1,000 trees, so we even had to cut a little bit of inventory this year,” said Christa Harrison, Head of Development for Troop 889. Right now, sales have frasers, field runs, and wreaths . Later in the week the balsam ferns, balsam / fraser crosses, and 12 to 14 foot trees will be in stock.

Christmas tree sales will run until December 17th, but the troops said there is a chance they could sell out before that date. You can read the “What Happens in Naperville?” Facebook page for updates.

Aysha Ashley Househ reported on Naperville News 17.


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