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Is sustainability hiring a boondoggle?

Certainly, a substantial number of suburbanites could agree that the sustainability of our planet is a good idea. But Jenny Whidden’s Oct. 9 story on the subject raises more questions than it answers. The story strongly supports the hiring of full-time so-called sustainability directors. What would these people actually do from day to day? Offer rebates for solar panels? Does that require a six-figure salaried sustainability director?

What is the salary of Ben Mjolsness of Naperville? He meets with other sustainability hires. He publishes an annual or biannual sustainability report. Well, that’s well and good, but does it make the air water or soil any cleaner?

This sustainability hiring initiative has all the hallmarks of an incipient government boondoggle aimed at perpetuating careers of people with high salaries who do little or nothing. We can all practice sustainability. And guess what? It doesn’t really cost much.

Dan Brown

Des Plaines

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