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Illinois Leaks | Dana Davenport Pleads Guilty To DUI; Court Keeps Records Sealed –

Naperville, IL. (ECWd) –

Dana Davenport, former Naperville Liquor Commissioner (Public Officer), current Attorney (Officer of the Court), and internet talk and television show host (using the name of Dana Michelle) plead Guilty in DuPage County Circuit Court on October 24, 2022, to Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol as part of a plea agreement to not prosecute felony charges of Obstructing Justice/Tampering with Evidence/False Information and three separate traffic citations.

Within days of her mid-February 2022 arrest, the Court sealed all records related to Davenport’s arrest citing allegations that it may jeopardize her right to a fair trial.

We had previously submitted multiple FOIA requests for all records related to this arrest, including body cam footage, and all were denied citing to the Court’s sealing of the records, prohibiting their release.

Since Davenport entered a guilty plea, there can no longer be any claims that the release of those records might jeopardize a fair trial – the trial is over, she plead guilty.

As an Officer of the Court, a public officer at the time of his arrest, and a public speaker, Davenport portrays herself as a “prominent voice in local philanthropy and social justice. Is involved in many other projects, most notably the Homecoming Challenge and her newest show, Finding Common Ground” she should have no more expectation of privacy in criminal matters as the average Joe on the streets.

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