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How we rated Chicago when they won week 5

AP Photo / David Becker

While the Bears’ offensive was certainly not conspicuous, with a lot of the help of their dominant defense, they did enough for the team to win. Chicago has established its offensive identity that starts with hitting football on the ground. While David Montgomery was left out with a knee sprain, the running game with Damien Williams and rookie Khalil Herbert was in more than capable hands. Williams and Herbert combined for 34 carry and 139 rushing yards and a touchdown in the win, which helped the Bears offense hold some long drives and find the end zone twice.

Rookie quarterback Justin Fields took another step in his development despite not being the result of a multi-touchdown game. Fields was a warrior for Chicago as he took a few brutal blows, including a shot in the rib and hyperextension of his knee, and back three games later. Fields wasn’t particularly noticeable, but he did some clutch play when he had to, including a 13-yard close to Darnell Mooney on the 3rd and 12th in the fourth quarter to keep the drive going and set a field goal. The bears haven’t asked Fields to do much in this game, but there will come a time when they will need him to open things up.

While there were some encouraging signs on the offensive, Chicago also opened the second half with two consecutive threesomes and went goalless on the first three drives of the second half. You will have to score more points in the future as the defense cannot always be expected to keep some high profile attacks below 20 points. The Bears Offensive did what it had to do to win the game. But that’s going to change with every game, especially this week against the Packers where Chicago has a lot more to do on offense if they hope to upset Green Bay.

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