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Horton: Three nooses found hanging in trees between Haven and Kingsley

Haven Middle School. Credit: Adina Keeling

According to a late Friday afternoon email from Superintendent Devon Horton to District 65 families, parents at Kingsley Elementary School reported finding three nooses hanging from trees in the area between Kingsley and Haven Middle School.

The nooses were accompanies by “notes in support of Haven educators,” Horton wrote in his message.

Earlier Friday afternoon, hundreds of Haven students staged a peaceful sit-in protesting involuntary teacher transfers to new schools. An anonymous staff member called the Evanston Police Department for support during the protest, and EPD told the RoundTable that no criminal activity was found at the time.

However, Horton said in his email that, when some students walked out of the school amid Friday’s demonstration, “Haven students were seen allegedly chanting and carrying ropes to the location where the nooses were found.”

“This is a hate crime and a deliberate and specific incidence of an outwardly racist act. It resounds with a tone of hate and hurt that will impact members of our entire community, namely Black and African American students, staff, and families who have experienced generations of harm,” Horton said in his email. “What began as a peaceful protest by students is now tainted with hate and is part of a string of racist actions that continue to be directed at district and school administrators.”

Horton also encouraged parents to discuss this incident with their children at home and directed them to the “Talking about Race” page on the District 65 website.

“Our district, board, administration, and community will continue to fight racism in all forms. Institutionalized racism has been used in the past to intimidate and discourage minority leaders from disrupting institutionalized racism,” he wrote. “It’s important that we, as adults, model for our students how to have safe discourse when emotions are high.”

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