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Here’s Illinois’ Most Popular Netflix Show in 2021 – NBC Chicago

Netflix subscribers had a chance to see more than 15,000 titles in 2021, and for Illinois residents, one was clearly at the top.

“Squid Game” was the most popular series in Illinois according to HighSpeedInternet.com, which analyzed the five most popular Netflix shows between January 1 and October 20, 2021 using Google Trends data.

The Korean drama also secured top spot in 11 other states, including California.

But it wasn’t America’s favorite show overall.

NBC’s “Manifesto” – a drama about a vanishing airplane and the passengers on board – received the most search volume in 23 states, including Indiana and Michigan.

Bridgerton, a Netflix drama set in 19th century London, was the most popular show in New England and the Great Plains. Massachusetts, Minnesota, Ohio, and Vermont were among the 14 states that ranked the drama number one.

Utah stood alone claiming the science fiction thriller “Stranger Things” was its most popular show.

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