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Graduate Hotels Has a ‘Home Alone’ Experience at One of its Hotels

If you have to travel over the holidays, it may be nice to treat yourself a little. Not simply because you’re feeling celebratory but because things can (and will) go wrong. It can be nice to know there’s something good coming your way at some point during the trip.

No one knows holiday travel disasters as well as the McCallisters in Home Alone. You, on the other hand, can use their experience as a luxury. The King McCallister Experience at the Graduate Evanston hotel–in Evanston, Illinois, outside Chicago–promises that.

The room comes with a polaroid camera, a cheese pizza in a Little Nero’s box, a minibar stocked with Kevin McCallister’s favorite snacks, and an in-room theater with all the Home Alone movies you require. You’re also getting a queen-size replica four-poster bed, VHS of Home Alone and The Grinch, and a bathroom stocked with “vintage aftershave and toiletries.”

The hotel also says that the room is decked out in replica wallpaper and other details to transport you to Kevin’s 90s. That includes little details like a vintage-looking alarm clock and an older TV that is begging you to turn on Angels with Filthy Souls. (Good luck finding it, ya filthy animal.)

Plus, 10% of each booking will be donated to Lurie Children’s Hospital, so your fun is doing some good in the world. Enjoy yourself.

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